C’mon we know it’s not the LGBT community.
We know it’s LGBT communities.

Juxtaposition is a show that brings those communities together…laughing.

Many see the New Year as preparation for 2012 and the great spiritual and psychic shift that will occur on Planet Earth as foretold by the Mayans. Local New York City queer comics, Kelli Dunham and Jessica Halem, see 2011 as a chance to prepare for the obvious mayhem and chaos that will surely ensue. In preparation, they have put together a new monthly comedy show: “Juxtaposition” brings together seemingly incongruous members of the LGBTQ community for a conversation on sexual politics, community, and love, in hopes of finding common bonds and end times skill sets.

Future shows will juxtapose…

A gay nerd & a lesbian separatist
A vegan massage therapist & a pflag mom.
A queer academic & a bisexual jock.


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